Clients and Representative Engagements

We’re proud of the work we do and the results we’ve achieved. The following represent a few of the many successful cases with which we’ve been involved.

Engagement Type Client Profile Services Provided
Litigated Business Divorce Holders of a 28% collective interest in a private, real estate holding company Determination of the fair value of the minority shareholders’ collective interest. Landmark decision obtained regarding treatment of the built-in capital gains tax (“BIG”) liability for valuation purposes.
Litigated Business Divorce Holder of a 6.4% interest in a private, proprietary software company Determination of damages, including reduction in fair value, resulting from the actions taken to suppress our client’s rights as a minority shareholder. Highly favorable settlement was reached within ten days of the issuance of our expert report.
Mediated Business Divorce 50% owner in $30MM private company Forensic accounting to determine prior disproportionate benefits realized by a controlling member, valued 50% interest, assistance to counsel in negotiation of buy-out terms, monitoring compliance with earn-out kicker provisions.
Economic Damages 50% partner in start-up of “fund of funds” Calculation of breach of fiduciary duty damages in shareholder freeze-out and theft of corporate opportunity matter. Provided expert testimony; favorable judgment obtained.
Economic Damages Flavored bottled water company Calculation of breach of contract damages related to vendor’s failure to provide flavor additives and process technology.
M&A Due Diligence $100MM private investment company Post-acquisition investigation of diverted production and fraudulent financial statements. Success resulted in subsequent pre-acquisition due diligence assignment from same client.
Fraud Investigation Major health insurance company Investigation of $10MM kick-back scheme related to computer purchases. Provided grand jury and criminal trial testimony; convictions obtained.
Fraud Investigation Prominent sports figure Investigation of improprieties by financial manager. Arbitration testimony provided; favorable judgment obtained.
Business Valuation for Tax Compliance Large holder of NYC commercial property Determined the fair market value for compensation purposes of a 2.5% membership interest in a single property entity with a complex, multi-tier debt and ownership structure.
Business Valuation for Financial Statements Brazilian corporate purchaser of U.S. food additive manufacturer Allocation of purchase price, including valuation of intangible assets, customer relationships, developed process and product technology and in-process R&D.
Bankruptcy Services Chapter 11 Debtors and Chapter 7 Trustees Analysis and preparation of expert reports related to solvency and the recoverability of alleged fraudulent transfers and preferential payments.
Negotiated Business Divorce 50% owner in a $40MM private company Due diligence analysis and execution of a plan to equitably separate the operating entities' businesses.
Arbitrated Joint Venture Dispute 50% partner in a JV between two law firms Forensic accounting and expert report to challenge the improper allocation of in excess of $10MM in claimed expenses.